Have you ever wanted topredict human behavior?

Conduct Causal Market Research faster, with higher quality and more ethically than existing methods, with guaranteed human-level reliability

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Who isSubconscious AI for?

Product Managers

Product Managers

determine the value of every feature of any product, to any mindset



simulate policy outcomes, for any universe of actionable policies

Sales Managers

Sales Managers

understand what features are nice-to-have vs need-to-have, for any purchase

Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers

segment any audience by need instead of by demographic, for any medium

Conduct causal experiments forany human behaviorata fraction of the cost and timeof traditional methods.


average time to run a causal experiment with Subconscious AI

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Work with synthetic Researchers, Economists, Sociologists and Psychologists to answerany causal behavior question.

Developer-ready solution

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Methods trusted and used by hundreds of companies

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